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by a magnitude 5.8 a aftershock. it was felt in alaska's southeast communities, but most of the energy was sent to the southwest toward the hawaiian islands. the first tsunami waves to the islands were smaller than first predicted. geologists say the largest wave so far was measured on maui at five feet. that's only about two feet higher than normal sea levels. since then all warnings and advisories have been cancelled and the evacuated coastal residents in honolulu have been allowed to return home. experts are still warning people on the islands, though, to stay away from the water's edge for several more hours. california was initially under a tsunami advisory, which was cancelled after waves in the pacific northwest were measured in just a few inches. this is one of those days to check with your airline if you are flying at sfo. four of today's flights have been affected by the tsunami situation. one arrival from maui was cancelled and one departure is delayed. one arrival from honolulu is delayed two to five hours and a departure for honolulu has also been delayed. >>> hurricane sandy is al
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1